9 luglio 2015
Roma, Ippodromo delle Capannelle



  • Shoot A Hole Into The Sun
  • (Stranded On) The Wrong Beach
  • Everybody’s on the Run
  • Lock All the Doors
  • In the Heat of the Moment
  • Fade Away
    (Oasis cover)
  • Riverman
  • The Death of You and Me
  • You Know We Can’t Go Back
  • Champagne Supernova
    (Oasis cover)
  • The Dying of the Light
  • AKA… Broken Arrow
  • Dream On
  • Whatever
    (Oasis cover)
  • The Mexican
  • Digsy’s Dinner
    (Oasis cover)
  • If I Had a Gun…


  • The Masterplan
    (Oasis cover)
  • AKA… What a Life!
  • Don’t Look Back in Anger
    (Oasis cover)

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